Shelfie Feature – Bulelo Sigabi

Our Monday morning ‘Shelfie Feature’ is with Bulelo Sigabi, a Street Lit book vendor, selling from his table at Davenport Square.
Yes, I am a reader. These days I read a lot. Mostly Christian and inspirational books, also business, self-help and I am developing a love for history. At the moment, one of the books I am reading is “The Fall of Rome.” I find that fascinating.
My family weren’t readers. I wasn’t read to as a child, there were very few books at home, and I wasn’t encouraged to read. I picked up the habit after school. I remember reading Ebony magazine which I think really helped. In fact, it was when I started going to Church as an adult (I went to Church of Christ in the Berea) that I started loving to read. The congregation was very mixed, and reading scriptures was something we did together. I had easy access to books for the first time in my life, and a chance to develop my language and understanding of written English.
I was reading pretty much only Christian books then, but I now read lots of other books. I am really enjoying “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow. It is a collection of amazing thoughts about life – Pausch had terminal pancreatic cancer. It is about how to live your childhood dream.
And of course, I love reading Robin Sharma, Dale Carnegie, The Secret and other motivational books. They are really helpful – they are helping me a lot.
I love encouraging young people to read. To grow in life, you have to read. At home, we now discuss what we are reading around the table. I try and encourage youngsters at church to read, in the same way that I was encouraged. Start with something small – the Prayer of Jabez, or short scriptures, or even poetry or a slim novel. Start small until you get into the habit of reading. Lots of the guys ask about books on how to make money. Those are always popular!
Since Covid, people are changing their habits. Reading is becoming popular again. At my table, there is a group of women who are regulars. The relationships we have around the books we read is holding us all together. It’s exciting.
And I like reading kids’ books too. I really enjoy reading to my daughter. She is four years old and is beginning to love reading herself. I wasn’t read to as a child, my parents were always busy so I am glad I am able to read to my daughter. The tide is turning.

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