Shelfie Feature – David Jones

Our Tuesday ‘Shelfie Feature’ is with David Jones, a Street Lit Book Seller. He is based at Berea Centre and also works at Friends of Music concerts. He will also be at Windermere Centre this weekend, selling books outside Checkers.
I have always been a reader, although reading was not really a family tradition. I had a really incredible teacher in primary school who taught me to read. I learned how to read much earlier than the other kids. I remember that Alice in Wonderland was one of the first books I read. One great teacher can really influence a child’s future – even from an early age. She instilled in me a desire to learn. As a student – I read mostly school related books, but as a young adult I discovered science fiction. This really opened up my mind to other possibilities and allowed me to believe that alternative realities were possible. It was life-changing! Probably one of my favourite writers of all time is a sci-fi author: Philip K Dick. He was the first sci-fi writer which presented different scenarios to me about the human condition.
I’m not a particularly fast reader – although I can sometimes read a book in a day – but most weeks I average I guess about two or three books in a week.
I love chatting to my book customers and suggest books to them. Most of my clients are first language Zulu speakers looking for suggestions for English medium books. They are some great readers out there who are keen to learn – especially keen to read for their personal development and for greater self-knowledge to improve themselves. Many of my clients realise that they cannot rely on formal school education to better themselves and need to self educate. This makes me hopeful for the future.
For me reading allows me to escape my reality; it keeps my brain active and fit and is an amazing pastime ….. and it doesn’t cost anything!

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