KZN Churches Launch “Hope Vouchers”

KZN Churches launch “Hope Vouchers” as part of their ongoing food relief.
A coalition of concerned churches have flagged emergency relief as their most immediate focus and are roll-outing out “Hope Vouchers” to vulnerable families in each of the 11 districts over the next three months.
To ensure maximum efficiency and accountability, the Food Relief programme is being driven by five Christian NGOs each offering specialist areas of expertise working together under a single umbrella network comprising City Hope, Domino Foundation, Nation Changers, SA Red Cross and Zoe Life as a part of the broader project convened by the KZN Christian Council.
In order to be as inclusive as possible and to support all those in need, a group of volunteers working through Zoe Life are focusing their support efforts on foreign national communities in particular as they are not always able to access government and formal relief programmes.
“We are sincerely affirmed and excited by the willingness of a myriad church organisations who are eager to work together in an astonishing show of solidarity to address various urgent concerns in the fall-out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the related Lockdown and their impact,” enthused Douglas Dziva, CEO of KZN Christian Council, who are co-ordinating the combined churches’ response coalition.
Initially their food relief consisted of hampers of basic food staples and hygiene products. Already 609 756 meals have been packed and distributed across KZN since 25 March 2020.
However, in the interest of improved efficiency and deliverables, and not relying on cumbersome and expensive distribution networks, there is a move to use food coupons, “Hope Vouchers” which can be redeemed at retail partners, Boxer, Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay and uSave, instead.
The vouchers have been made possible through innovative, cutting-edge technology powered by Intellimali, a well-established SMS voucher service provider, to develop a solution that sends vouchers via SMS to beneficiaries identified by local community leaders and church networks to be redeemed at retail partners. With operational costs funded by a designated grant, and Intellimali supplying the bespoke system at cost, this solution is extremely cost effective with 98% of funds getting directly to the beneficiary.
Redemption of dignity needs more than just relief: a broad and intentional coalition has been created to jointly provide spiritual, prayerful, practical, financial, logistical and physical support to government and local authorities, to the frontline of the health system, to communities and to distressed families, calling on the vast combined churches networks across all corners of the province.
For what will be the first time in living memory, a broad and inclusive partnership of Mainline Churches, African Initiated Churches, Pentecostal Churches, Christian Ministries and Associations, Ecumenical Networks; and Ministers’ Fraternals – across all demographics, languages and geographical locations (all towns and villages in all 11 Districts and eThekwini Metro) – throughout KZN have united in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Church leaders invite businesses, organisations and individuals to contribute generously.
The KZNCC website has further details:
For Donations, online giving, stats, maps and accountability visit: – click on the Covid 19 relief button
For Credit Card donations:
For Zapper donations:
Photo: Karen Brokensha
Innovative technology allows the newly-launched “Hope Vouchers” to be conveyed via SMS, to provide basic food and hygiene supplies to vulnerable families across KZN.

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