How Can I Succeed In The Post-CoViD Economy?

With Bilal Kathrada: Founder / CEO IT varsity
John Sanei: Futurist / Author / Speaker
Free Webinar: Wednesday 29 July
11am until noon
What do you think the world will look like post CoViD-19? No one really knows. It Varsity is hosting a free hour-long webinar on Wednesday 29 July discussing what a post Covid-19 economy could look like and how best to prepare for it …. and succeed.
The webinar will take the form of a conversation between Bilal Kathrada: founder / CEO of IT varsity, and John Sanei: best-selling author, trend specialist, business strategist, futurist, motivational speaker and knowledge mercenary who specialises in innovation and disruption.
With almost all of the day-to-day transactions taking place online, which encourages less personal real-world contact and a more of a virtual presence, IT varsity is offering an insightful webinar looking at global trends in a market place transitioning from a “Complicated World” to a “Complex World” in the post-Covid era.
Kathrada has spent lockdown offering free YouTube coding challenges, using as a notional example, “Mum’s Taxi”, teaching followers a step-by-step ‘how to’ video to build a complete app. With 20 years’ experience in the technology field, Kathrada is an award-winning app developer with vast experience in the app development space. Drawing on all his years of coding, he will share his own experiences with the webinar guests.
Sanei has travelled the globe where he has strived to discover the secret to uplifting communities. Author of best-sellers What’s Your Moonshot?, Magnetiize and FOREsight, he is also the Co-founder and Chief Exponential Officer at Future Self Academy, an author-led, online platform that connects the curious to leading thinkers. His fascination with the future makes him the perfect candidate to look into the cyber crystal ball and help us best predict what our future could entail, and how best prepare for it.
The hour-long webinar kicks off at 11am, you can register online at For more info email

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