Launching of IT Varsity Mentorship Programme

Creating and empowering students to be experience ready for the ever-changing real world, IT Varsity have launched a comprehensive mentorship programme.
Over the past few months, the world has changed in ways we never imagined pre-Lockdown. Increasingly our work, our leisure, our way of connecting with others, our way of doing business, and our ways of sharing info – is all online. Our devices have become our gateway to the world at a time when face-to-face interaction has not been possible.
Durban based IT Varsity’s mission is to be South Africa’s premier lab of IT learning and development. They are creating products which respond to the galloping speed of evolution in how we engage with technology. They offer world class time-intensive coding courses that can be completed in one year. The APP Empire course is currently free where candidates will learn how to identify, build and run winning App ideas.
Their Apptrepreneur is an accredited App development course aimed at preparing learners to be exceptional App and software developers and website designers. On completion they receive a National Certificate in Systems Development. The course takes learners from newbie to accomplished in 12 months. Learners will be ready to translate concepts, breakdown problems and continue learning on the job.
An added bonus when learners enroll with IT Varsity, is having access to industry mentors from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. Their cutting-edge Mentorship Programme connects students with top industry mentors both in-person and on-line assistance
“We are living in a digital world facilitated by computers. IT skills are the most in-demand globally.’ states founder, Bilal Kathrada. “Getting into an IT career can be tricky. You need someone to hold your hand, guide you, mentor you, show you the ropes. That’s where we come in.”
“We strive to be an institution that understands education as well as technology and can marry the two together to invent the most innovative and unique course offerings. And above all, because candidates love technology, they need an institute that uses technology to teach technology.”
“We help our students navigate the Catch 22 of entering the job market without experience and not being able to gain that experience without a job. IT Varsity offers an internship programme with like-minded companies that allow our students to get real on-the-job experience. We are hoping to expand our internship database, with more companies coming on board to assist growing young minds.”
IT Varsity focuses on one thing: preparing their students to be employable and exceptional. They do this by designing a system that is best for their students.
The unique, modular self-directed learning approach allows students to learn any-time, anywhere, at their own pace. The combination of world-class content and ongoing support and mentorship from their experienced online teachers will ensure the learning journey is exciting and effective.
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