Fiona Kirkwood Exhibits At 11th International Fiber Art Biennale

Exciting news – Durban artist, Fiona Kirkwood heard today that her award-winning latest installation, Rain, will be exhibited at the 11th International Fiber Art Biennale: “From Lausanne to Beijing”, curated out of Beijing China, which can be viewed online from this Saturday, 16 January, exhibiting alongside some of the most respected global art makers.
In December, it was announced that she had won a Silver Medal for Rain. The exhibition attracted 1 000 entries, from 54 countries, of which 313 (119 from China and 194 from other countries) finalists were selected by an international jury consisting of 21 leading artists and academics.
Rain is made out of nylon, beads, steel wool, aluminium and digitally printed polyester and comments on how climate change is affecting rainfall patterns in South Africa and in different parts of the world.
“In this very troubled time of COVID-19 I am so grateful that my artwork is still being appreciated globally,” enthused Kirkwood.
Rain can be viewed online at the 11th International Fiber Art Biennale, organized in Beijing China to go online from Saturday, 16 January 2021.
To visit the exhibition: LB Fiberart
For more info about the Biennale and other awards and work: Link
To visit Fiona’s website – with images of Rain:
Instagram : @fiona_mary_kirkwood
Facebook: @FionaKirkwoodArt ; @Fiona Kirkwood
Portrait of Fiona Kirkwood and Rain (detail) by Dean Demos

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