The last time that we were immersed in a story like this, it happened in the cinema and we had popcorn on our laps and a Coke in our hands. But this time there is no Bruce Willis to find a vaccine or an Angelina Jolie to be the cure. Covid-19 – not the greatest title for a show, but we are all in the audience today, one of the few times that the entire world is united and on the same side. Us against It. House arrest was once a description of someone else’s punishment. Now it has become a way of life. Mrs Bezuidenhout is also in self-isolation, leading by example. So, pop into the Evita se Perron You Tube channel and enjoy all 230 episodes of ‘Evita’s Free Speech’.
Our darling Darling’s heartbeat of the theatre, restaurant and bar at the Perron are on hold. We have a skeleton crew at Evita se Perron, reverting the emails, diverting the calls and feeding the three cats (The Donald, Meeps and Boesman).
Life must and will go on. Not at all as we imagined, but an existence also filled with surprises. You can sort out your desk, work in the garden, feed the birds, clear out the cupboards, do a puzzle, watch the binge-worthy series on streaming services, talk to everyone on your WhatsApp, write a play, memorise the Constitution, and MOENIE PANIC NIE.
Being seduced by the constantly breaking news and seeing pictures of an intensive ward in Italy on SKY, CNN, BBC, SABC, eNCA, Al Jazeera etc – is not ideal. Beware of fake news too. Speaking about South Africa, a “ news” show gives visuals of China four weeks ago. No! Go to proper sources: the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, our Ministry of Health COVID-site, and the World Health Organisation (www.who.int). Sort out the screams from the whispers.
Be mindful of how important your care is for those around you. Who is that person who lives alone in the neighbourhood, who is old and frail or young and isolated? Call and find out. Make them aware that if they need help, you are next door. A phone connection, an email address or just a loud voice could help someone in distress. Even if they are infected – or you – shopping can be done and packages left on the stoep without any touching, hugging, sneezing, coughing or carelessness. Maybe this is the moment when we can make community the jewel in the crown of democracy.
Be safe.

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