A dream team comprising the City, the Denis Hurley Centre, We Are Durban, NGOs and faith communities, have created safe interim spaces for 1,700 of the city’s street people in response to national Lockdown protocols.
Now that the people are safely housed, the challenge is to keep boredom at bay. The men and women from the entrepreneurial initiative Street Lit – a project of the Denis Hurley Centre supported by the Booksellers of Mzanzi – instantly put up their hands to help.
Within hours of the call-out, 15 boxes were packed – one per site – from the vendors’ personal supply of books. Books were carefully selected to ensure suitability – including a bundle of children’s books for the few children being housed with their mothers in shelters.
Street Lit book vendor, Kagiso Phihlela with the 15 boxes of books packed and ready to go to the 15 sites, transported with grace and humour by men and women from the city emergency logistics team.