Today is 2 2 0 2 2 0 2 2 !
Photo Illa Thompson
Philomaths (lover of mathematics) can have fun today: Tuesday 22 February, 2022. The date is a palindrome (sequence which reads the same backwards as forwards) and an ambigram (retains meaning when viewed from a different direction / perspective).
In other words, today’s date will read the same from left to right, from right to left and upside down!
Pondering all things numerical is KZNPO musician Charl van der Merwe (Principal Bassoon) who will be pperforming in the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra’s World Symphony Series Summer Season which launches in The Playhouse Opera this Thursday, 24 February at 7pm. The season runs weekly on Thursdays at this time, until 17 March.
Thursday’s programme features in Beethoven’s Leonore Overture No3, Bruch’s violin concerto No1 and the Brahms Symphony No2, under the baton of maestro Berhard Gueller. Soloist is internationally acclaimed young Korean violinist Hyeyoon Park..
Tickets through Quicket.

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