Today DYR Talks To…. Jake Savage

Durban Youth Radio: Youth Week feature
Today DYR talks to….
Jake Savage (12)
What is the greatest thing about being a young person in SA today?
You have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultures. And from this we can learn so much about people’s differences but also that we have so much in common. I love it that I have good friends from all cultures at my school and at my dance studios.
What is the single biggest challenge of being a young person in SA today?
We have to be the ones who lead SA’s future. This is quite scary as SA does not seem in a very good space right now with so much crime and corruption. It is up to us youth to fix that.
What one thing can young people do to make the world a better place?
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wherever possible. It may not seem like a lot, but, for example, each bottle cap that that is put into the recycling is saving a bird from eating it.
What one really useful thing can young people learn from their elders?
Since elders are older and wiser, we can learn a lot about the world, and how to apply their knowledge of the past to help our future.
If you could be mayor of Durban what one thing would you do to help the youth?
I would ensure that more money is invested into education and more specifically, arts education. I would see to the building of creative art centres, to encourage participation in the arts from an early age, especially for theatre and dance. If we don’t develop an appreciation for the arts from a young age, Durban could sadly land up becoming completely void of culture.
• Jake is a young actor who played Tom of Warwick in KickstArt’s recent staging of Camelot, Lerner and Loewe’s glorious musical about the life and times of King Arthur.

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