The Woza Moya Artists wall, would like to thank the 100% Foundation for coming on board for a 12 month sponsorship and making this monthly event possible. Thabani Mkhize is the twelfth artist, and his work will be featured for the month of May.
The concept behind the Woza Moya Artist’s Wall and Artist’s Cards is to create and showcase work for artists who have been hard hit by Covid. Each month a different Artist is paid to paint a 1,2m x 1,2m wall panel which is displayed on the wall outside our Woza Moya, Hillcrest AIDS Centre shop. Woza Moya assists the artist by marketing their work for the entire month their work is on display. A greeting card is made of the painted wall panel and sold in our shops so that artists can earn an ongoing passive income. This has worked well with artists earning from R200 to R1000 a month from the sale of the cards.
The painting is for sale and people can bid for the painting online:, bidding starts at R1500 at the start of each month, bidding will close at the end of the month and the person who has the highest bid gets to purchase the painting, the artist will get a further percentage of the sale. To assist the artist we have reproduced the artwork on a gift card and the artist gets 50% from the sale of his or her cards. If you love the artist’s work please support them by buying a card they are only R25, and card sales help artists earn a passive income.
Artist Profile: We are honoured to have: Thabani Mkhize
Thabani Mkhize is a South African artist who was born and raised here in Umlazi Durban. He was a member of the Bat Centre artist program which trains and mentors young artists. Thabani has a unique style of combining a black and white or grey scale figures embraced in a decorative background.
His painting : Titled: The Shadow self, is a beautiful girl on a blue background, the shadow adds a disconcerting feel to the painting, and perhaps the message is; Just don’t be fooled by false perfection or run away from harsh truths and darkness, because this is also where we find our greatness.
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