Shelfie Feature – Alvin Dube

On Valentine’s Day, we thought it grand to ask one of the Street Lit Durban book sellers about their reading journey. We clock in with Alvin for today’s ‘Shelfie Feature’.
Alvin Dube is a Street Lit Book Seller
He is based at the KZNSA Gallery, with Donel Tanbeni. He also works at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre and various events around town.
“Put the phone down, take a book and read! In fact, delete your tiktok account – books are more interesting!” says Alvin.
Alvin reads both novels and non-fiction, mostly self-help books. Currently he is reading a customer psychology book which he is finding useful in his dealing with customers. “I am learning about the importance of good attitude and good communication. I like to be open to new things and try and learn,” he says.
“When I am not reading self-help, I read fiction. Mostly psychological thrillers. I love James Patterson, Jonathan Kellerman, David Baldacci and Neil Ferguson. In fact, probably one of my favourite novels ever is English Weather by Neil Ferguson. I learned a lot about another country (England) in a time of change. The lead character was so interesting.
“I was really inspired and encouraged by our friend, and fellow book vendor, the late David van der Westhuizen. He used to visit my book stand at Berea Centre and talk about all the books I was selling. He had read many of them and used to tell me their stories. He encouraged me to read them myself. He also loved psychological thrillers and was never without a book to read.”
Alvin reads far more now that he is a book seller and has books and readers around him all the time. “I didn’t used to read so much – but now I do!”

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