Learn To Restart A Heart.

It only takes two hands to save a life!
As we wrap up October, we are reminded of the importance of learning basic first aid training – in particular learning to Restart a Heart which is one of the global health themes for October.
The month of October has been dedicated to a focus on learning CPR. The Order of St John, Durban, joins the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa and other constituent councils, in supporting a global initiative to increase awareness about the importance of bystander CPR and to also increase actual bystander CPR rates worldwide. They are encouraging all healthcare organisations and institutions to get involved around the World Restart a Heart awareness, providing opportunities for their staff and members of the public, to learn the basic steps of recognizing an arrest, calling for help and starting compressions.
“If you see someone who has collapsed and is not breathing normally, call emergency services and start CPR. One is taught the technique of placing your hands on the centre of the chest and push hard and fast. The public is encouraged to learn how to save a life and make sure all those around them learn as well,” explains Shivani Gopi – Regional Training Manager, East Coast: Order of St John. “By starting CPR and using a defibrillator before emergency services arrive, many more lives can be saved every year,” she said.
Sudden cardiac arrest is the third leading cause of death worldwide. Creating awareness around Restarting a Heart is intended to raise awareness of the importance of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, otherwise known as CPR.
CPR, an emergency procedure used if a person’s heart stops beating or breathing ceases, has little chance of bringing someone back after cardiac arrest, while an AED (automated external defibrillator) device has the potential to restart their heart and brain functions.
St John, one of the oldest Non-Profit Organisations in the world, has an Eye Care Clinic and first Aid Training Centre, in 129 KE Masinga Road / Old Fort Road Durban.
To find out more about the World Restart a Heart month; CPR & AED, contact Shivani Gopi on Shivani.Gopi@stjohn.org.za / tel: 031 305 6588.
Shivani Gopi (centre) with some of the Denis Hurley Centre Street Lit homeless booksellers who are preparing to learn CPR at St John Durban.

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