Our tenth performer that we met up with is the sensational dancer Kirsty Ndawo. She has been dancing since she was in crèche and is trained in ballet and contemporary mainly but has picked up a few more skills along the way. She has completed her RAD Adv 2, did a year dance residency with Playhouse Company. Since then she has performed with KickstArt, ThinkTheatre, Fugard Theatre, SANDT, Dutch Theatre & Dance Company called MAAS in Netherlands and so, so many more. She has performed in Dance Umbrella, National Arts Fest, Infecting the City, CT; Mozart Festival, Jhb and Jomba. And she has won a Standing Ovation Award for Okuya Phansti Kwempumlo 2012.
Asked if she could perform anywhere in the world, she said, “I would perform anywhere in the world that offers the space for creativity and warm weather.”
What do you love about performing?
I enjoy and love most things if not everything. The day and night before live performances, the waking up, the getting ready and setting up, the nerves and adrenaline rush, the crew members (my favourite people) the backstage last minute choreography check or running lines in the wings seconds before you go on stage. The chitter chat in between scene changes and the seriousness of the performers on and off stage. And the big ‘A’ our awesome Audiences that come out to play with us.
When last did you perform live?
Last live performance I did was in February somewhere in the Emirates performing with Cirque Du Soleil on the ships.
I did get to do a recording for ThinkTheatre Shakespeare’s schools programme in the July. No audience just us, the chairs and our CoViD-thin crew members.
What is your wish for 2021?
Clarity and stability.
Kirsty is photographed with one of the 120 enormous sculptures to be found in the magical Ammazulu Gardens and Sculpture Precinct, Kloof – one of the attractions in the Valley of a 1000 Hills. For more information visit www.ammazulupalace.com/gardens-and-sculpture.php or www.1000hillstourism.co.za

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