ISEA2018 DYR Takeover – Thursday

Kevin Minter Brown – you biscuit!
We just so love all these early morning chats….. how lucky are we to get to meet such amazing people talking about crazy and fabulous things here in Durbs!
Thanks Kevin and Christopher Cole for the opportunity as always.
If you missed it – we are talking about some of the electronic / technology / art-inspired events happening around the city with ISEA2018 / Digifest05 / IF Durban in full flight.
Cy Keener from Washington, has a project tonight at uShaka called the Agulhas Drifter – a “sculpture” incorporating data collected from a drifter buoy which is heading up the Agulhas current to Antarctica – well hopefully!
Steve Gray Founder: The Maker Space Foundation has a stand at the Innovate Durban Exhibition today and tomorrow in the Bond Shed on Point. Pop down and find out more about drones; weather hacking; 3 D printing; robotics and share some great ideas
Tyla Coppinger from team ISEA2018 is overseeing many of the creative events and spoke about what to expect at uShaka from 4pm today loads of interactive free interesting installations, exhibitions and other cool things: underwater sound-scapes; ocean currents; TV screens on the beach and invisible monuments viewed through iPads…. among other great things
Kevin will chat tomorrow for the last time at around 7.45am on DYR, as ISEA2018 leaves our shores on Sunday.

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