Durban City Hall: Saturday 30 June
A collision of art, culture, music and madness takes place at the ninth edition of Interpret Durban this Saturday at the Durban City Hall.
The evening, billed as the closing event for the epic Intersections season, will kick off from 6pm. The overarching theme of ID#9 supports the overall season – with artists making work that talks to the idea of Intersections, with an array of electronic art lined up from across the globe, combined with fabulous music and fun vibes.
Intersections is an overwhelmingly enormous programme of various forms of electronic art which has been consuming the city over the past week. The main players are ISEA2018: the 24th International Symposium on Electronic Art; Digifest05 and Innovation Festival Durban, who have jointly created a city-wide showcase of dozens of workshops, exhibitions, presentations, talks, events, installations, walks, festivals and activities, and a major global conference on new media art, all of which wraps up on Saturday.
The Durban City Hall will become a hive of funky electronic art exhibitions, performances, installations and interventions adding to the programme a special highlights package of all the Intersections happenings that took Durban by storm in the week-long festival.
“For those of you who’ve never been to an Interpret Durban before here is the basic vibe: Interpret Durban is an annual mixed medium art contest that culminates in a night of exhibitions, live music and a banging party! We’re talking live art installations, video screenings, photography, graphic design and photography exhibitions, bands, DJ’s and more Durban stoke than you know what to do with. It’s for Durban and by Durban. And this year is going to be an utter burner of a night!” enthused ISEA2018 Festival Organiser, Marcus Neustetter.
DJs Nick Hammond, most recently seen at the Zakifo Music Festival, will be joined by Breezy Vee and L2. The exterior of the Durban City Hall will be lit up with a light show collaboration by Dutch laser artist, Jurgen Meekel and South African pianist, Jill Richards. The piece entitled Palinopsia / Seeing Again projects after-glowing images that appear and then diminish in luminosity over time, replaced by new elements as the older ones fade.
Other visiting performers from USA, Lori Hepner and Kendra Ross will be doing an experimental stage piece and art installation-in-motion dance piece called Intersection*ology. The piece consists of lighting, image and video elements designed by Hepner in conjunction with musical compositions by Ross with their collaborative movement throughout.
Regular ID’ers won’t be disappointed, with the familiar ID experiences harmonising alongside international / South African Intersections contributors. There will be a number of pop-ups during the course of the evening, and some re-interpretation of works started at ISEA2018 which have been developed during the course of the week.
Tickets for the night cost R50 and can be purchased at the door on the evening.
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