ISEA2018 DYR Studio Takeover – Tuesday!

Thank you Kevin Minter-Brown and Christopher Cole for an awesome chat on DYR this morning – so affirming to be able to share the great, quirky and awesome electronic-inspired events happening around the city with ISEA2018 / Digifest05 / IF Durban in full flight.
Dancer / choreographer Thobi Maphanga spoke about a dance and sound performance project eSkIN 4 the visually impaired taking place today, Tuesday 26 June at the Natural Science Research Centre, 151 KE Masinga Rd at 5.30pm; Fred Paulino spoke about his Gambiologia project – which is the Brazilian practice of makeshift – part of the Life Hacking exhibition at the KZNSA tonight at 7pm; and French jazz musician Stephane Sharlé spoke about OZMA and The Lost World – an evening of French electro- jazz… love and dinosaurs under the stars in Glenwood’s Bulwer Park at 8pm.
Kevin will chat to more international and local electronic art-makers every morning this week at around 7.45am on DYR.
To find out more:
Facebook: @ISEA2018Durban
Instagram: @isea_intersections
The detailed programme can be found on the ISEA2018 website.

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