Daily News 2016 16 Days of Activism Against Domestic Abuse Tuesday 6 December 2016


Tomorrow’s Leaders

Positive role models and peer leaders are needed in a South Africa that, despite a world-renowned Constitution and a legislation that safeguards women’s and children’s rights, is home to high levels of violence against its women, the GLBT community and children.

Young men and women who lead by word and example can help change entrenched mindsets and behavioural patterns. Two such leaders are Nellie Ngcongo, a lecturer, PhD student and public speaking trainer, who endorses young women’s desire to be educated and financially independent, and discourages them from falling prey to “Blessers”. Philani Ndwalane is an emerging fashion designer, DUT graduate and recent graduate of the MRP Foundation Jumpstart programme, who understands the importance of holding onto strong ethical guidelines as he starts his career in the capricious world of fashion.

“We need to stand up for each other to prevent violation against women and children. I believe that with love it’s all achievable because love liberates us and makes us stronger to fight for what is right.  We need to support without judgement, and empower others so that less people feel like victims,” considers Ndwalane

Ngcongo and Ndwalane encourage readers to participate in the drive to increase awareness of the negative impact of violence and abuse on women and children.

The 16 Day campaign aims to challenge the perpetrators of violence to change their behaviour; involve men in helping to eradicate violence and provide survivors with information on services and organisations that can help lessen the impact of violence on their lives.

Pictured left to right

Philani Ndwalane:  Trainee Designer at AlleyCat / Blanc Clothing, DUT graduate and recent graduate of the MRP Foundation Jumpstart programme

Nellie Nicola Ngcongo: Lecturer in Drama and Performance studies at DUT, PhD student and public speaking trainer.

Pic by Motshwari Mofokeng

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