Daily News 2016 16 Days of Activism Against Domestic Abuse Wednesday 7 December 2016


Hospitality Industry

Developing a responsible, evolved and caring hospitality industry should be an important component of the 16 Days campaign.

Andrew Rall from Distillery 031 in Durban’s Station Drive Precinct has a strong sense of community – 031 was one of the first establishments to sign up for the Denis Hurley Centre Social Meal Project to help feed the hungry over this festive season.

Rall runs the 031 Bar & Restaurant, an intimate cocktail bar and dining area, and an independent craft spirits distillery situated in The Foundry building in Durban’s Station Drive precinct. Station Drive is home to like minded entrepreneurs working in the creative and hospitality industries.

These independent operators create jobs and are all proudly Durban in their values. The craft industries (coffee distributors, distilleries, brewing, designers, bakeries etc) are typically responsible for employing up to four times more staff per unit than their commercial and multi-national counterparts. The micro / craft industries also tend to be more environmentally and socially engaged as well – hence being keen to be part of the 16 Days initiative.

Rall was quick to put up his hand for Distillery 031 to be associated with the 16 Days campaign.

Pictured Andrew Rall from Distillery 031

Pic by Nqobile Mbonambi

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