Bryan Hiles And Cara Roberts

Day six of our ‘Love the Arts’ feature, we catch up with versatile duo Bryan Hiles and Cara Roberts. Masterful Bryan has been dazzling local audiences for two decades since studying drama at Tech. He has worked from coast to coast, including starting 2020 at the Sharjah International Fringe Festival. Energetic Cara has been performing for 11 years, although she didn’t study drama one could say that acting runs in her veins. The fantastically talented actress one day wishes to perform in Bulgaria at the Golden Dolphin International Puppet Festival.
What do you LOVE about performing?
BH: I love the shared energy between audience and performer. Theatre is live, it’s a living thing. Each show only happens once. When it’s done, it’s gone; and the next is new and fresh, like cells regenerating.
CR: I love the exchange of electric energy, between ourselves (onstage) with each other, and the surge coming at us from the audience. I love the stories we get seduced by, the characters we get to live through, getting to know them, and express what THEY are feeling. I love the sound of applause, like an overwhelm of gratitude, both ways. I love the togetherness that a theatre provides.
When last did you perform?
BH: I think I was particularly fortunate in 2020. I was able to perform in October, in KickstArt’s Sylvia; and again, in the adult pantomime Little Red goes Down in the Woods in December.
CR: November. For a small audience who were just delicious and so, so open.
What do you wish for 2021?
BH: Last year left us all a bit shell shocked. I’d like, for 2021, to find inspiration and energy again; and, although I’ve never been good at it, to find self-discipline.
CR: For the arts to be recognized as an essential salve for the world.
To tell every single audience member how important they are. Besides that one drunk guy in Hilton. But that’s another story we still have to tell.

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