100 Years – 100 Days – 100 Ways

Transform the inner-city in 100 ways over 100 days to celebrate Mandela’s 100th anniversary
Today (Wed 30) sees the launch of an innovative concept to honour Mandela’s centenary – inviting Durbanites to honour his 100 years by finding 100 ways of making the city a better place in 100 days.
Every year around Mandela Day (his birthday, 18 July) people want to volunteer or to donate goods to help the poor. This year, being the Centenary of Mandela’s birth, the Denis Hurley Centre working with other NGOs is encouraging a ‘Mandela 100’ – 100 ways to transform the lives of the poor in inner-city Durban, which can be enacted any time during a period of 100 days: from 30 May to 6 September, with 18 July in the middle.
If you are an individual or a group of friends or an organisation (school, corporate, faith group) and you are looking for a way to celebrate Mandela’s legacy have a look at the list here and see what appeals to you. There are general and specialist ways of volunteering, everyday and specialist goods to donate, and also special events. The DHC have created a list of 100 ideas with 100 contact people to help. Certificates will be issued to all who register their participation.
Pictured getting ready for the launch event this morning are Mandela 100 stakeholders with the fabric artwork created by DUT artists Kenneth Shandu especially for the campaign. The cloth is inspired by shwe-shwe – which often has images of chosen people printed onto it. The cloth artwork has the faces of Archbishop Hurley and Nelson Mandela side by side with members of the Durban homeless community.
For more about the 100 days 100 ways campaign, contact: mandela100@denishurleycentre.org.

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