Winterhoop / Winter Hope
Give hope. Give warmth
1 – 30 June 2019
Winterhoop is a national campaign, taking place from the first of June until 30 June, designed to gather donations for the less fortunate to help them through a potentially cold winter.
This year Winterhoop is partnering with the Denis Hurley Centre in Durban. “We are excited to take on the position and are even more gratified to see ecumenical cohesion between the many Christian churches of different traditions, whom have set their differences aside to serve the less fortunate,” says DHC’s Raymond Perrier.
Musgrave Methodist Church, in Durban’s Berea is one of the collection points for the campaign. During office hours people are welcome to drop off their donations in the church office. Musgrave Methodist sits at a crossroads with a Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran church and a mosque, and is a partner in the Berea Interfaith forum, is acting as a combined drop-off point for all these faith communities.
Donations can be made in the form of anything you deem necessary to get people through these cold months to follow – clean and good quality warm clothing and shoes, thermal underwear and socks, beanies, gloves and scarves, blankets and non-perishable food items are all deeply appreciated. Don’t give to the poor what you would not want to receive yourself!
If you want to donate money or provide people with a warm bed or meal at a shelter, you can use the SnapScan app or an EFT or visit the Winterhoop website to view more ways to donate. Donations can be made at a drop off point near you. Visit the Winterhoop website and click on drop off point to start making an impact in someone’s life.
It so easy to take for granted what we have and forget that things that are quite a normal regular occurrence in our lives, are non-existent in other people’s lives. Be the change that you want to see in the world.
Last year, the campaign collected 4,467 blankets, 5,325 shopping bags of clothes, 1,727 bags of groceries and 2,024 beanies. Naturally the plan is to reach an even greater accumulation of all these donations.
For more Info: Visit the website or follow us @winterhoop or Give_hope_in _winter or contact us on 011 725 0001 or email
Give hope, give warmth, give someone a better winter!
Written by Jordan Pillai

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