The Knights Of Star Wars!

May the fourth be with you! To many, today is believed to be Star Wars day, playing with the pun May the Force be with you! Related to Geek Pride Day, the fun day has been celebrated annually worldwide since 2011. Classical radio stations in the UK have dedicated whole programmes to Star Wars music, baseball players in the Minor Leagues have been known to dress up in Star War uniforms on game days that fall on this day, in 2015 astronauts in the International Space Station watched Star Wars to commemorate the day. In Canada, the Toronto Underground Cinema organises festivities including Original Trilogy Trivia Game Shows, costume contests with celebrity judges and the web’s best tribute films, parodies, remixes and mash-ups on the big screen.
Debating which elegant weapon is the more sophisticated are three of the Knights of the Round Table. Wielding lightsabers are Sir Lionel (Tshepo Ncokoane) and Sir Dinadan (Cameron Botha) while King Arthur’s favourite companion, Sir Lancelot (Lyle Buxton) stands proudly in front of the one and only Excalibur. The Knights will be lighting up the stage in KickstArt’s Camelot that starts at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from Friday 18 May. Booking is through Computicket.

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