The first artist that we catch up with in our ‘Love the Arts’ feature is the lovely Mpilo ‘Straw’ Nzimande. Straw, a hugely talented physical actor studied at UKZN PMB and has been a professional actor for eight years. His favourite place that he has performed is The Guild Theatre in East London and he says his best production that he has been in, is KickstArt’s The BFG. Currently he is hard at work creating an educational show for schools.
What do you love about performing?
I love that we get to engage with the audience and have fun while we tell stories.
When was the last time you performed in a live show?
The last time I was part of a live performance was in December where we got to perform Flame in the Snow with Cara Roberts. This was done for a small audience. It was great because prior to this, I had not been part of a live performance in months, since the beginning of the pandemic. It felt really good.
If you could change anything for 2021, what would it be?
I would change the current situation for the artists. I wish that our Government would find innovative ways to provide more platforms for artist or provide better funding for our industry.

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