Spring Is Around The Corner

Spring is indeed around the corner – officially the first day of spring is tomorrow (Sunday 1 September). Getting ready for the change in season are performers Bryan Hiles and Cara Roberts. Bryan will be playing with Platform Jazz for their 30-year celebration at
S43 today (Saturday 31 August 31) and at the Durban Jewish Centre tomorrow: Sunday 1 September; and getting ready for Hilton directing Grandpa Grump and the Magical Junkshop and performing in Knot Again; The Forgotten Years of Donald K Pumpkin and The Great Big Enormous Turnip. Cara will be performing with Bryan in The Great Big Enormous Turnip and Place of Small Miracles, and solo in Michael Broderick’s whimsical the King of Broken Things. Many of the country’s top theatre-makers and artists will be heading to the Midlands for the annual Hilton Arts Festival from 13 – 15 September which offers an artistic smorgasbord from serious music to stand-up comedy and everything in between.

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