The majestic Playhouse retains its wonderful charm and sense of opulence. It’s bar, longer than a politicians wrap sheet, is just the place to enjoy a soothing libation before the show, or during the interval; a place where the trials of the day are eclipsed by the delights of the theatre.
The 27th edition of ‘Shall We Dance’ is another resounding success. The show reminds me of a favourite trattoria, the menu stays pretty much the same but the chef strives to improve on every meal.
Whilst the guest artists provide the polish that can be expected of champions, my standouts this year were the performances by the ‘Young Dancers’ Project’. A year has given them more stage presence and I sensed more confidence in them this year. The ‘Rudra Dance Theatre’ also impressed, especially with a fusion piece which included Spanish dancing.
All in all a great night out !
Thanks to The Thompson Sisters, Sophie and Illa @ Publicity Matters for the tickets !
Click them up on BookFace to see the great work that they do to promote the Fun and Interesting Stuff that happens in and around Durban.