Raising The Roof

Musgrave Methodist Church
Appeal for financial support for essential church building roof restoration
October 2023
The leaders of Musgrave Methodist Church (MMC) are appealing for financial support to complete the restoration to the borer-damaged roof of this 1893 landmark Berea building.
Musgrave Methodist Church is an iconic Durban landmark. This beautiful brick building has faithfully served generations of Durban families since 1893.
It boasts a magnificently crafted wooden roof, the beams of which have been irrevocably damaged by voracious wood borer. Congregants have invested enormous energy into a far-reaching fundraising campaign to be able to invest in the restoration of the roof.
By the beginning of this year 2023, MMC reached its target of raising R1,2m. Frustratingly, once restoration process had started, and once the wooden ceiling cladding was removed, it was found that the roof timber underneath was damaged to a greater extent than was originally anticipated which necessitated a change in contractor’s scope of work which requires further expenditure of R 250k.
This shortfall needs to be raised by the end of October 2023.
MMC, like many other traditional mainstream churches, is not a particularly wealthy community. It takes its responsibility as custodians of this beautiful church very seriously, while being committed to a range of social justice and community upliftment projects all of which absorb considerable ongoing resources.
The leadership of MMC have done a sterling job of carefully and continuously looking after their real estate assets since 1877. The current appeal is an unforeseen emergency. The fact that they are carrying out these repairs clearly demonstrates their commitment to preserving the magnificent buildings in order to continue to do God’s work.
The leaders of the church are respectfully appealing for financial assistance in order to complete the restoration project of this magnificent landmark building.
If you are able to assist – please contact Tilda Tearle, administrator: Musgrave Methodist Church Tel: 031 201 2005/6 or tilda@musgravemethodist.co.za.

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