Marxism Africa Launch Conference

The first international Marxism Conference to be held on African soil
The Station Urban Events Space: 20 – 23 March 2019
DURBAN: The Mzala Nxumalo Centre for the Study of South African Society based in Pietermaritzburg, is hosting a major conference with global speakers at Durban’s Station Urban Events Space from 20 – 23 March to launch the concept of Marxism Africa to begin to fashion a credible leftist alternative for socialism.
The Mzala Nxumalo Centre for the Study of South African Society (the MNC) is organising this conference to help develop a dialogue between all who consider themselves socialists, leftists, communists and activists but all who are convinced that capitalism cannot provide an equitable, just, stable or sustainable future for humanity.
The primary objective of this conference is to create a global platform for radical and robust discussions that are centred around solidarity amongst leftist organisations beyond their ideological differences and to strengthen international solidarity and collective action to disrupt the aggressive gains of capitalism.
The Mzala Nxumalo Centre for the Study of South African Society promotes the legacy of late activist Mzala Nxumalo through rigorous engagement with his radical ideas and his commitment to a just and equitable society. The centre aims to create a space for bringing together both like-minded progressive formations and other voices that at times differ in approach and ideological stance and to engage in academically sound research that takes Nxumalo’s work as its starting point.
The Nxumalo Centre has invited an array of scholars; community activists; progressive and leftist organisations; trade unions; political parties and community-based organisations to proactively participate in this conference. This is also a step forward to skills development in the academic sector that seeks to groom and empower quality researchers and research institutions.
This conference continues the conversation started in a colloquium (2016), and a subsequent national conference (2017) looking at “The Future of the Left” which brought together many South African to discuss whether there is a viable future for the left or not.
“We are looking to reignite the voice of Mzala who through his intellectual work and public challenge of both leadership and other progressive organisations in the pursuit of his vision for South Africa. speaks with conviction that the path to emancipation and freedom from economic exclusion where the ideals of the Freedom Charter serves as the compass to the road to socialism,” considers Jennifer Schreiner: Chairperson of the Board of the Mzala Nxumalo Centre.
“We aspire to inspire radical intellectual debates that will produce and ensure a non-capitalist, non-sexist, non-racial, non-patriarchal world order, freed from the shackles of imperial globalising forces, headed up by capital. This all to achieve a non-violent independent and social democratic Africa,” she said.
Programme and Speakers:
Day ONE: Global economic Imperialism and the Politics of (under) Development
Prof Jacques Depelchin (Democratic Republic of the Congo / Brazil) and session chaired by Richard Pithouse (South Africa).
Day TWO: The National Question in the Age of Globalisation
Sabelo Ndlovu Gatsheni (South Africa); Richard Pithouse (South Africa); Nomkhosi Gama Xulu (South Africa); Eve Mitchell (South Africa); Holly Lewis (USA); Olusegun Morkainyo (Nigeria) and Jabulani Sithole (South Africa)
Day THREE: Changing Face of Labour
Fiona Tregenna (South Africa); Pat Horn (South Africa); Tatiana Berringer (Brazil); Relebohile Moletsane (South Africa); Solly Mapaila (South Africa – SACP)
Day FOUR: “On the Ground” Community Struggles
Bongani Ngqulunga (South Africa); Ngqabutho Mabhena (Zimbabwe – ZCP); Olusegun Morkainyo (Nigeria); Firose Manji (Kenya); Wamba dia Wamba (Tanzania).
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