Linda Vargas Flamenco Dance Company to perform at Shall We Dance

The Linda Vargas Spanish Dance Company have become an institution of Durban. Since its inception 35 years ago they have used innovation, creativity and the highest standards of professionalism to build a loyal an extensive following of Spanish dance and culture in South Africa – whilst developing a style and ethos that is also unique to Durban and South Africa, where all its performers have come from.
In 2017 the Linda Vargas Flamenco Dance Co begins celebrating its 35th Anniversary with a guest appearance in Shall We Dance. The Company intends celebrating their contribution to dance with various collaborative performances throughout the following year which will culminate in a Gala production at the Sneddon Theatre in July 2018. This Gala production will be a celebration of the Linda Vargas Company’s 35 years of creativity and will bring together the best in terms of dancers and musicians and choreography. It will explore the diverse range of the company repertoire both musically and stylistically and will showcase the legacy and contribution that this company has achieved..
In SWD 2017 the company will make two guest appearances. The first “Ole Sevilla” will showcase the talents of the entire company and will include a guest appearance by classical Spanish dancer Carmen Zulueta from Sevilla Spain. The second item, “Alegrias” will be a guest solo performance by Ramon Fernandez who is currently living and working in Spain. He will be accompanied by Demi Fernandez on guitar and Bryan Stone on percussion.
In the early years, the Linda Vargas Company included a variety of styles of Spanish Dance in their productions, including classical, neo classical, regional and flamenco. Subsequently the Company became more specialised in flamenco. They began their journey in great opera productions at The Playhouse Theatre in Durban and the State Theatre in Pretoria. Linda was invited to choreograph and perform in the international production of “Carmen”, where she worked with the world renowned director of the London Opera, Sir Michael Rennison. Linda and her company produced their first major production at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre where they were invited to perform as part of the Federico Garcia Lorca Festival in 1986. Subsequently the company were invited to participate in the grand opening of the Playhouse Theatre Complex in the mid 80’s, from where they produced numerous productions in association with the Playhouse Theatre over the years.
The multicultural fusion of music and dance which gave rise to flamenco stands testament to the power and beauty of cultural fusion in art and inspired their choreography and production of “Desert Flowers” at the Playhouse Drama Theatre in 2004. This production received critical acclaim for its pioneer work in fusion of dance styles. It comprised a cast of over 30 dancers from Indian, African, Classical Ballet and Flamenco genres. Demi Fernandez composed the original music score which was performed Durban’s leading musicians. The Linda Vargas Company has continued to include fusion choreography in its more recent productions while always remaining true to the original essence and purity of the Spanish Classical and Flamenco forms.
Linda and Company have made rich contributions to the Dance culture in Durban and have toured South Africa extensively. They have participated in numerous collaborative productions with The Playhouse Dance Company, NAPAC, PACT, and CAPAB, Siwele Sonke Dance Theatre, Fantastic Flying Fish Dance Company, Mercedes Molina Spanish Dance Theatre and the annual Shall We Dance showcase. Linda has worked with renown choreographers such as David Gouldie, Ashley Killar, Mark Hawkins, Hazel Acosta, Gerard Samuel, Jay Pather, Neville Letard, Rhoda Rivkind, and Mavis Becker. Linda and her company have been invited numerous times to perform for the Spanish Embassy in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Pretoria, and Cape Town. They have participated in numerous outreach projects and educational workshops at schools and continue to promote Spanish Dance and culture at every opportunity.

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