Ildo Nandja is a much-loved double bassist, composer and educator from Mozambique based in Durban who is shouting-out to his friends and fans to help him raise funds to further his studies in the field of jazz performance and education.
“During the past few years I have been looking to further my studies in the field of jazz performance and education. I was recently accepted to the Masters programme at the Fontys Academy of Fine and Performing Arts in the Netherlands. I am motivated to take up this opportunity as I have a profound desire to develop my musicianship, collaborate with other artists and to advance as a jazz educator. This will be a totally new environment where I can be exposed to new challenges and learn from different perspectives. Most of all I view this as an opportunity to represent those like me who come from a background and situation where there are few prospects of following a career and gaining qualifications in the arts. When I finish my studies I plan to continue working with young upcoming musicians around Durban, who like me, are developing their skills in pursuit of their dreams,” says Nandja.
To cover his tuition, Nandja has initiated a Crowdfunding campaign and he invites all his friends and fans to help to contribute. “My decision to run this Crowdfunding campaign came after I was awarded a partial scholarship that unfortunately does not cover the full cost of tuition. I realised I was going to need some help from my community! Of course there can be something in it for you. If you like you can purchase an online digital copy of my album on or directly through me at upcoming shows. You can also book me for workshops, studio session, a bass lesson or an exclusive concert in your home, workplace or community. Every contribution, no matter how small, will go directly to covering the remaining tuition fees. OBRIGADO!”
Ildo Nandja was born in Maputo, Mozambique. From a young age he engaged with playing music, starting with percussion instruments. Through his involvement in a local music and dance company, Ildo began playing the timbala, a traditional xylophone. His dedication led him to perform at festivals and events across Africa and Europe. Now recognised as an outstanding and disciplined jazz musician, bass player and soloist, Ildo has collaborated with countless international and local musicians across Southern Africa and abroad.
During his studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, he went to Virginia Commonwealth University in the US three times as part of an on-going exchange between the institutions. In South Africa he has participated in the University of South Africa’s International Jazz School and lectured and performed at the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Festival. Ildo and his band also performed at the Caversham Mill as part of the Evening Jazz sessions. Ildo recently he accompanied his student ensemble to the Oslo Jazz Festival in Norway- 2016. He also headlined the More Jazz Series 6 festival in Mozambique -2016 alongside artists such as Zuzanna Stivali (Italy), Omar Sosa (Cuba) and Judith Sephuma (SA). Ildo Nandja is currently working on his second album, composing and writing new material. The album is to be released sometime this year or early next year. Although he is still promoting his debut album “Paz a Todos” which was well received by the local and international audience, Ildo is driven by the spirit of exploring his compositional skill to fit a trio format for which he is focusing on his writing.