Durban App Development Course Now In Cape Flats

Durban App development course
now being taught on the Cape Flats
Respected Cape Town-based tech / education NGO, Genesis Community IT Initiative (Genesis CITI) or better known as the I-CAN Centre, is the latest organisation to partner with Durban’s IT Varsity offering their bespoke online IT digital literacy training to marginalised young adults in and around Elsie’s River.
Durban based IT Varsity’s mission is to be South Africa’s premier lab of IT learning and development. They are creating products which respond to the galloping speed of evolution in how society engages with technology. They offer world -class time-intensive coding courses that can be completed in one year. The APP Empire course is offered to candidates who will learn how to identify, build and run winning App ideas.
IT Varsity is creating strategic partnership relationships with various educational institutions and NGOs. The latest is a partnership forged with Genesis CITI, an established NGO based in Elsie’s River who supports teenagers and unemployed youth with their educational advancement – providing Free WIFI, digital literacy training, social innovation projects and entrepreneurship skills. They offer a myriad of certified courses and support – including web design, coding, digital entrepreneurship, multimedia design, social media marketing and video editing courses to learners, as well after-school homework support and life skills training. They work exclusively with unemployed young people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds from around the Cape Flats, with a 75% success rate of graduates becoming economically active – and 15% of these have started their own business.
“We are thrilled that our products are finding their way across the country to a variety of users,” considers IT Varsity’s CEO Bilal Kathrada. “We are delighted that our first Cape Town partner, Genesis CITI, is using our products and that we can play a part in changing young people’s lives in a very real and tangible way – by helping them develop relevant marketable skills, become employable and gain self-esteem.”
“We strive to be an institution that understands education as well as technology and can marry the two together to invent the most innovative and unique course offerings. And above all, because candidates love technology, they need an institute that uses technology to teach technology.”
“Partnering with IT Varsity to enable our organisation to offer a level 5 Qualification which helps our students to develop advanced vocational digital skills in coding and web development and make our students immediately employable. Our students are learning programming languages which align them with the global demand. We want our Cape Flats youth to be part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and leave no one behind. Our objective is to change the narrative in disadvantaged communities and provide a digital inclusion approach, where every child can dream using technology” considers Genesis CITI’s CEO Llewellyn Scholtz. “To make such a dream true, we welcome sponsorship and financial support to help these students (that will be enrolled), to obtain digital skills and Level 5 SAQA Credits. Feel free to contact me for more info:”
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