Chris Sutton’s Review Of The Beaujolais Nouveau

Durban has many well-hidden secrets. I don’t think this it is because Durbanites are narrow minded or slack; it is simply that there is so much to do and such a diverse range of activities that they simply focus on what ‘floats there boats’, rather than follow trends.
The Alliance Francaise in Sutton Park, Windermere doesn’t just cater to the needs and interests of the French speaking community. It stages an eclectic mix of cultural events which include artists from a wide range of nationalities and cultures. It’s well-organized management team, directed by Vincent Frontczyk, does a great job in choosing interesting events and filling the venue to capacity.
Last night’s event was an especially French one – the “Beaujolais Nouveau”.
( more about this here : ).
Guests were treated to a complimentary glass of the title red wine followed by a meal catered by an iconic restaurateur who, rumour has it, will begin operating from the premises soon ( watch the AF website for news ! ). Ambiance was created by the Gypsy String Quarter. Whilst the service from the kitchen wasn’t overly brisk, the food was excellent. The Gallic enthusiasm with which the French go about enjoying food and wine is so infectious that it was easy to get lost in conversation and the positive vibe.
The event featured a blind wine tasting and a very generous lucky draw, which saw some patrons walking away with some fantastic loot.
A fantastic evening !
Book early when you see the 2019 event advertised as this was a truly unique experience.
For other events hosted by AF go to their website :

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