a Gambiologia Robot, or a Free Sunshine Robot, or an African Robot.
Fancy creating your very own robot ahead of the ISEA2018 exhibition taking place at the KZNSA on Tuesday 26 June. The week-long cultural ISEA2018 programme starts this Friday with a variety of workshops, including the KZNSA. The workshops at the gallery start tomorrow (Friday 22 June), from 10am – 4pm, and continue over the weekend. You can drop in and build a single robot or you can stay a while and create a small army of robots. If you have any e-Waste, or old technology, please bring that along. Your old computer screen could become a tray for a server farm, the bits inside can become body parts for a number of small robots. The creations will then be a part of the ISEA2018 exhibition at the KZNSA that takes place on Tuesday, with the French band OZMA performing in Bulwer Park after the exhibition opening.
People are welcome to come and enjoy the ISEA cultural programme throughout the week where you get to explore Durban’s city, technology, art, music and a whole explosion of different cultures. Venues include BAT Centre, Durban Art Gallery, Denis Hurley Centre, uShaka, Station Drive, The Bond Shed and many more.
If you would like to be a part of the various workshops, please contact Tracy at bookings@onair.co.za . For more info on ISEA2018 please visit http://www.isea-international.org/isea2018/