The Story Of South African Jazz

Volume Two
Rivertown Contemporary Art Gallery: Fri 6 Dec 2019 @ 6pm
Featuring: South African Jazz Pioneers and Next Generation
DURBAN: The Story of South African Jazz, the second volume of the three-part book series about musicians talking about musicians, eras, and influences, will be launched at the Rivertown Contemporary Art Gallery with a free live performance from South African Jazz Pioneers and Next Generation on Friday 6 December at 6pm.
The launch will be a multi-media event produced in collaboration between The Story of South African Jazz, self-published by Durban-born jazz journalist and trumpeter, Struan Douglas through and Dumi Ginindza, founder of Jazz Xpressions.
“The Story of South African Jazz is an important addition to the existing research, resources and stories that have emerged from all over the region of Southern Africa. This three-volume series is a book, research and oral history project to document the beautiful story of South African jazz in an open, inclusive, flourishing and accessible way. Volume one was launched in 2015 and volume two will be launched in Durban and Johannesburg in December,” reports ArtAfrica.
“From Mbaqanga to uMkhumbane, through venues and initiatives such as the University of UKZN Jazz Department, Stable Theatre and Rainbow Restaurant, and through the efforts of master musicians, entertainers, producers, venue-owners and facilitators, jazz is richly nurtured and enjoyed in the city of Durban, eThekwini,” says Douglas.
The latest release of The Story of South African Jazz, Volume Two is set in 2018 and features in-depth interviews with Living Legends Barney Rachabane, Charlie Sayers, Peter Magubane, Tete Mbambisa and Madala Kunene, and looks at the rich musical heritage from Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and East London.
The Story of South African Jazz is first and foremost a textbook for music education, the vision is to provide a foundation for the recognition of our local jazz as a unique and inclusive urban expression from this area of the world.
Volume One explained that the Story of South African Jazz is open at both ends: Interviews with musicians, enthusiasts and entertainers, combined with running commentary of lives lived and learned through the lens of heart centred South African jazz musical vibrations: The Story of South African Jazz is a never-ending story harking upon the golden age of the 50s, District Six, Sophiatown and uMkhumbane, and the exiles and inxiles of the 60s onwards.
Date: Friday 06/12/2019 at 6pm
Venue: Rivertown Contemporary Art Gallery Durban
Live Performance : South African Jazz Pioneers and Next generation.
Digital Exhibition: South African Jazz in Photography
Entry: Free
Date: Thursday 12/12/2019 at 7pm
Venue: Roving Bantu Kitchen
Live Performance: Kopano Jazz Kollektiv and guests
Entry: R100
Signed copies of the book will be available at R250 for Volume 2 or R400 for Volume One and Two
Visit the website for more info:
For more info, contact: Struan Douglas 072 956 8134

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