The Moon Looks Delicious From Here

Rhumbelow Theatre: 24 & 26 Feb
Written and performed by Aldo Brincat
Directed by Sjaka Septembir
Much loved physical theatre performer, Aldo Brincat, returns to Durban for a short visit to stage his new one many show: The Moon Looks Delicious From Here, a theatre play of magical realism and far off places, which he is bringing to the Rhumbelow Theatre in Umbilo for two performances only, on Friday 24 at 7.30pm and Sunday 26 February at 2pm.
Through the mediums of physical theatre, mime and characterisation, The Moon Looks Delicious From Here, explores immigrant family dynamics and how they shape identity and heritage in a first-generation citizen in a 70 minute, semi-autobiographical one-man theatre show.
Brincat is that first generation citizen, with a complex heritage. Born in the mid 1960’s Brincat and his family find their maturing years are set against the backdrop of a country in the convulsions of political upheaval. The drama is driven by a loving father and son – each from different eras and motherlands. Here Brincat plays an array of characters in and around this fragile young nuclear family; some foreign, some local – all of whom are finding, or losing themselves in the ever-changing political landscape of their new homeland, South Africa. Language, religion, ambition, sexuality and political leanings are brought into sharp focus as our two lead characters fight off ‘otherness”, while attempting to assert themselves into a volatile new country.
Key moments in their lives are juxtaposed against powerful developments in South Africa’s history during the 70s and 80s, and as the effects of apartheid begin to reach boiling point – family ties threaten to fall apart.
Though set in Durban, the story is universal in its theme, particularly at this time when the intersectional effects of migrancy are brought increasingly into our consciousness.
The play is written and performed by Aldo Brincat is known for his award-winning productions, King Kong, The House Husband, The Boy With The Clown’s Heart, as well as Blacks Like Me, Moron Than Off, and The Emancipation of Arney. He began his professional career under Nicholas Ellenbogen at the newly founded Loft Theatre Company at the then Natal Playhouse in 198.7 In the early 1990s, Brincat established Brincat Productions, which focused on original, and socio-political works. He also founded the NOT the Grahamstown Festival – a showcase of productions en-route to the annual National Festival of the Arts, in association with Durban High Sschool. Brincat is currently a Masters student of Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University.
The production is directed by Sjaka Septembir; writer, director, actor and producer. He teaches clowning, yoga and physical theatre. His first novel, Die Bardo van Biko April, was released in October 2022.
The Moon Looks Delicious From Here, is on at Rhumbelow Theatre
Friday 24 February at 7.30pm and Sunday 26 February at 2pm
42 Cunnigham Rd, Umbilo
Safe onsite parking
No refreshments to be bought onto site – bar and snacks available.
Tickets available at / 082 499 8636 /

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