Point Yacht Club’s Two Handed Race

Offshore: Sunday 27 May and Sunday 10 June
Rear Commodore of Keelers, Jon Marshall has organised a challenging race for the big boats tomorrow, with the return of the Two Handed Series hosted by Point Yacht Club.
The series that will be run over two days, tomorrow (Sunday 27 May) and on Sunday 10 June will see a number of keelers taking to the race course offshore of Durban, with only two people onboard.
Conditions forecasted for tomorrow, will be challenging in itself, with light winds predicted for the start of the race that is due to begin at 11am. The winds will be dropping and clocking around as the keelboats will get underway, with the winds strengthening to a gentle 6knots as the race progresses.
Only one race is scheduled for each day, with the racing yachts getting underway at 11am and the cruising yachts getting underway five minutes later. Starting on the first signal and W flag will be the A division, the one class designs and the zooty racing class multihulls. Starting on the second sound signal and the T flag are the rest of the classes.
Last weekend, a small gaggle of yachts took to the ocean to participate in a fun long-haul run. Leading up to the day, Marshall had hoped to run a 50 Nautical Mile race, with the fleet predicted to return in darkness, but due to the light, fluffy winds, the run was shortened to only 25 Nautical Miles. Racing started offshore of Durban at 10am, with the fleet crossing the busy harbour entrance and headed south. As the day progressed the frustratingly light winds died down, and a number of yachts threw in the towel and opted to rather enjoy being offshore and returned home early.
The next event for the yachties, who are relishing the winter conditions, is the much anticipated offshore MSC Week which includes the J22 Nationals. The MSC Week hosted by Point Yacht Club is short blasts of around the cans racing, held offshore. One of the more competitive fleets, the J22 will be converging on Durban, as will the L26s as they prepare for the most prestigious sailing event, the Lipton Challenge hosted by Point Yacht Club that starts offshore of Durban the week after the MSC Week.
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