Review of Shall We Dance by Chris Sutton

This is the 25th Edition of “Shall We Dance” and it is a cracker of a show. Opening night is always exciting, especially on a Friday when the audience is getting into weekend mode. The long bar was well patronized so by the time everyone was seated, the ever wonderful Playhouse was abuzz.
Hosted by Damon Beard and featuring the same mix of ballroom, line, belly, Irish and youth contemporary dance as seen in previous editions, the Director had to make this edition special. This he did in the second half which featured excellent flamenco soloist Ramon Fernandez and 2 absolutely standout pieces from ballroon couples Ryan Hammond and Angelique Allison and exhibition duo Gerhard van Rooyen and Micheline Marmol. The formers grace, infused with palpable enthusiasm and the latter’s strength and coordination produced 2 of the best acts I have seen on stage in Durban.
The ladies were treated to a novel version of ‘The Dance of The Cygnets’ featuring Gerhard and Ryan, 2 towels and very little underwear.
Youth dancers, including the Young Dancer’s Project, feature in a number of pieces. The three ballroom tiny tot couples were particularly heart-warming.
So with the sailing season starting soon this is a great chance to share an excellent evening of entertainment with your soon to be distant relative or significant other.
Whilst we are unlikely to persuade local Malefactor’s to remedy their lack of synchronicity by donning pink tutus and size 14 dancing shoes, good dance is a very good indication of what humans can achieve when they are prepared to think and move in unison.
Thank you to Illa and Sophie at Pub Mat for a great evening!

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