Getting to know the homeless of Durban: Statistically and Personally

Denis Hurley Centre: Friday 14 July

We hope that many people in Durban will join us for the Dare2Share event on Friday 14 July, in and around the Denis Hurley Centre, in partnership with iCare.

“Those of us used to more comfortable living arrangements will have the chance to share the city after dark with some of the homeless people who are on the streets every night. During the evening there will be an opportunity to share food, to share music, to share prayer and fellowship and, most importantly, for fellow-citizens to get to know each other. Those who want to, can then un-roll their sleeping bags and share the night with the homeless by sleeping out in Cathedral Mall – though this part is optional!” says Raymond Perrier, Director of the Denis Hurley Centre.

To attend the evening or the night event, you must register in advance by email iDare2Care@iCare.co.za or online or get a form from the Denis Hurley Centre. There is an entrance fee of R100; you are then challenged to raise R1,000 in sponsorship from friends which will help iCare and the Denis Hurley Centre in their work.

In the run up to this event, we are using Twitter for the first time, to help readers to get to know the homeless of Durban through some of the key statistics we discovered last year with HSRC as part of the survey sponsored by Safer Cities. Each day 1 or 2 factoids about homeless people in Durban will be delivered by Twitter. We hope you will read these on Twitter (@DenisHurleyDBN) or Facebook; and then re-tweet / re-post them to share with your friends.

Just another way of helping fellow citizens in Durban (and beyond) to get to know each other better.

The Cathedral Mall: join citizens from across Durban on Friday 14 July, for Dare2Share—to share the evening or even the whole night at the Cathedral Mall

Pic: Illa Thompson

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