On A Budget At The Fest

By | 21st August, 2018|

Hilton Arts Festival Hilton College: 14 - 16 September As always, the annual Hilton Arts Festival is completely accessible if you are on a budget with tons of free stuff to do over the weekend [...]

“The Motherboard Of All Festivals!”

By | 29th June, 2018|

By Illa Thompson ISEA2018 / Digifest05 / IF Durban INTERSECTIONS Durban Last few days.... 23 – 30 June 2018 Intersections is an overwhelmingly enormous programme of various forms of electronic art which has been consuming [...]

Lessons From Madame Defarge And Kitty Genovese

By | 23rd March, 2018|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 113 March 2018 Have we become a nation of Madame Defarges ? The bloodthirsty Tricoteuse who sat alongside the guillotine in Paris during the French Revolution, eagerly watching the public executions [...]

Down The Rabbit Hole

By | 23rd February, 2018|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 112 February 2018 The joy of art, in whatever form, is for the viewer / reader to become immersed into an alternative narrative; to visit another reality for a while and [...]

Art, Recycling And Community Collide

By | 10th November, 2017|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 111 November 2017 Halloween as an excuse to dress up and have a party, is a fairly new thing to South Africa. Already it has captured the imagination of costume hires, [...]

Make Way for the Young

By | 2nd September, 2017|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 110 August 2017 The creative industries provide platforms for sharing, engaging and grappling with issues whether social, personal or political. The stories shed light on what takes place in our hearts [...]

Saluting the passionate

By | 11th August, 2017|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 109 August 2017 Working mostly with professional creatives (men and women who create work for a living) it is always affirming to be among people for whom the thrill and passion [...]

In search of special places

By | 27th May, 2017|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 106 May 2017 I suppose everyone has a special place: a place where you feel safe, happy, welcome and calm. A place where the very walls seems to enfold you, where [...]