Pavishen Paideya

By | 13th February, 2021|

Our 12th ‘Love the Arts’ feature is with birthday boy, Pavishen Paideya. Pavi has danced his way into many a dance audience’s heart over the years. He became a professional dancer nine years ago and [...]

Musa Hlatshwayo

By | 12th February, 2021|

In day 11 of our ‘Love the Arts’ feature, we chat to Musa Hlatshwayo - choreographer & dancer extraordinaire. He has performed in many conventional & non-conventional spaces, he has toured through a few states [...]

Denis Hurley Centre AGM

By | 11th February, 2021|

The Denis Hurley Centre AGM and anniversary commemoration of Archbishop Hurley Denis Hurley Centre on YouTube: Sat 13 Feb: recorded AGM viewable from 7am, live interactive session: 11am The Denis Hurley Centre Annual General Meeting, [...]

Kirsty Ndawo

By | 11th February, 2021|

Our tenth performer that we met up with is the sensational dancer Kirsty Ndawo. She has been dancing since she was in crèche and is trained in ballet and contemporary mainly but has picked up [...]

Lisa Goldstone

By | 10th February, 2021|

Day nine of our ‘Love the Arts’ feature, we go behind the scenes with Lisa Goldstone. She introduces herself by saying, “Hi, my name is Lisa and I like listening to music, writing poetry and [...]

Bryan Hiles And Cara Roberts

By | 10th February, 2021|

Day six of our ‘Love the Arts’ feature, we catch up with versatile duo Bryan Hiles and Cara Roberts. Masterful Bryan has been dazzling local audiences for two decades since studying drama at Tech. He [...]

Clare Mortimer

By | 10th February, 2021|

In day eight of our ‘Love the Arts’ feature, we chat to captivating actress and director Clare Mortimer. What do you love about performing? Nothing and everything. On a daily basis I berate myself for [...]

Amanda Kunene

By | 10th February, 2021|

In day seven of our ‘Love the Arts’ feature, we meet Amanda Kunene a performer, singer, actor and dancer. She loves every aspect of performing arts. She has been performing rom as young as she [...]