Durban Youth Radio: Youth Week feature
Today DYR talks to…..
Tiashan Moodley (14)
KZN Youth Orchestra alternating concert master / violin player
from Clifton School
1.What is the greatest thing about being a young person in SA today
Technology today provides everyone including the youth with access to unlimited information and knowledge which enables us to engage in and achieve so much more in all areas of life from studies, listening – playing or composing music, general knowledge as well as being in tune with what’s happening around the world.
2. What is the single biggest challenge of being a young person in SA today?
Constant pressure to perform in everything you do from academic performance, to sport, music and extra murals activities. Pressure and competition is good, however having fun, loving what you do as well as getting the balance right is most important. From an early age, for my brother and I, music has given us the edge and the balance we needed. Fortunately, our parents do push us but also listen to our needs and give us the room to decide
3. What one thing can young people do to make the world a better place?
Most youngsters have dreams of having professional occupations. This is great in terms of finding a career, financial security and is what the world needs, however, the arts like music offers a lot to society. The modern world is highly stressed, many people are ill or depressed, and music is needed as a form of relaxation.
4. What one really useful thing can young people learn from their elders?
We can learn from the mistakes of elders and listen to their words of wisdom which comes through the hardships of their experiences in life. Interestingly, many elders I meet today do not truly enjoy their jobs or careers and often say to me that they wished they took up music or the arts as a career.
5. If you could be mayor of Durban what one thing would you do to help the youth?
Since young people are the leaders of tomorrow, I will invest in resources to ensure that they are healthy, protected and educated. I will create much more opportunities to expose all youth to music, especially those talented musicians who cannot afford the lessons or instruments. I would financially support organisations like the KZN youth orchestra to open new doors for those youth that are talented but do not have enough exposure to the art.
• Tiashan Moodley will be performing with the 40 member KZN Youth Orchestra in “Sundowner Classics” at Mount Edgecombe Country Club on Friday June 15