Durban Youth Radio: Youth Week feature
Today DYR talks to….
Mpilo “Straw” Nzimande (27)
Actor and Performer with KickstArt
What is the greatest thing about being a young person in SA today?
The greatest thing is that we are growing up in a democratic country, where there are endless possibilities.
What is the single biggest challenge of being a young person in SA today?
I believe that the biggest challenge is finding one’s identity within the working realm. And of course, that also means finding decent employment.
What one thing can young people do to make the world a better place?
I would say the one thing would be, focusing on improving education and making it more accessible to all.
What one really useful thing can young people learn from their elders?
Identity, understanding where we come from. If we know that, then we need not fear where we are going.
If you could be mayor of Durban what one thing would you do to help the youth?
I would build accessible theatres to ensure that upcoming artist showcase their work for free, in all guises of the artistic community.
• Mpilo Nzimande is performing in Kickstart’s family holiday show, The BFG, which comes to the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre on UZKN campus from 21 June until 8 July- Roald Dahl’s delightful children’s classic about the adventures of a big, friendly giant (BFG) and Sophie, a little orphan he befriends.