Durban Youth Radio: Youth Week feature
Today DYR talks to…
Huven Moodley (10)
KZN Youth Orchestra percussion player from Redham School
1. What is the greatest thing about being a young person in SA today?
There are many more opportunities for us youngsters. We live in a better environment for us to pursue the things we enjoy like music, arts and sports without any barriers of the past.
2. What is the single biggest challenge of being a young person in SA today?
Some youngsters have bad habits like bullying. Many children are being bullied in schools. Also many children do not take up hobbies like music and are only focused on studies or spend too much time on games or TV.
3. What one thing can young people do to make the world a better place?
We can encourage others to stay away from drugs and crime by getting involved in sports, music or any hobby. Music keeps me busy and it helps me to relax when I am stressed.
4. What one really useful thing can young people learn from their elders?
Elders have experience in life. We need to take their advice, listen to them.
5. If you could be mayor of Durban what one thing would you do to help the youth?
I will have more activities outside of school for the Youth to get involved, like music workshops or cricket training, especially for the poor who can’t pay for private tuition. This will ensure that they lead happy well-balanced lives.
• Huven Moodley will be performing with the 40 member KZN Youth Orchestra in “Sundowner Classics” at Mount Edgecombe Country Club on Friday June 15