Dome Arts Retreat and Suite 415 presents
Durban Evangelical Lutheran Church in Renshaw Road, off Franks Road: Tuesday, 22 October at 19h00
Enjoy an a carefully curated evening programme of magnificent music which juxtaposes folk and art music from the early Baroque period, in the Durban Evangelical Lutheran Church in Renshaw Road on Tuesday 22 October at 7pm.
The programme will be performed by Antoinette Lohmann (baroque violin, clog violin) and Jörn Boysen (harpsichord, baroque guitar, zither, Jewish harp) who both work out of the Utrecht Conservatory.
The concert title: Kunstgeiger und Bierfiedler references the two opposites of the Baroque music to be performed: from art music to Bierfiedler which refers to violinists playing in bars. The programme juxtaposes two spheres of 17th century music practice – “serious” music performed in courts and church, as opposed to the “folk” music of the people. The programme features work by an array of esteemed 17th Century Baroque composers.
Antoinette Lohmann (Amsterdam, 1969) grew up surrounded by Hungarian and Romanian gypsy music: her father played the cymbalom and piano, her mother cello. Lohmann has always been active in diverse musical fields: Argentinian tango, salon music, music theatre and contemporary music. Currently her repertoire extends from the early 17th to the 21st century, but mainly on period instruments and always combined with historical research. She has a special interest in playing unusual instruments such as the viola d’amore, the tenor violin and the viola pomposa and exploring their repertoire. In recent years Lohmann has focused primarily on chamber music. In 2008 she founded her own group Furor Musicus. She is a strong advocate of contemporary compositions performed on early instruments and worked together with several Dutch composers. Lohmann is teaching principal study historical violin and viola at the Amsterdam and the Utrecht Conservatory of Music and is currently the principal teacher of the Historical Performance Department in Utrecht, where she also teaches historical documentation.
At the invitation of Gerhard Benade, she came to South-Africa in 2008 for the first time to teach a masterclass baroque violin at Deelfontein and this marked the beginning of her regular visits to this country to support the development of its emerging historical performance movement.
Harpsichordist, conductor and composer Jörn Boysen was born in Lübeck, Germany, in 1976. After his studies at the Musikhochschule Lübeck he went to the Netherlands where he studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. As founder and director of Musica Poetica, guest conductor, soloist or continuo player, he regularly performs in Germany, the Netherlands and France and European festivals. In 2012 he was music director of Opéra Mosset in France. In addition, Boysen composed various orchestral, chamber and vocal works. Boysen’s works have been commissioned and performed by Musica Poetica (NL), De Nederlandse Bachverniging, Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado (USA), soloists of Pratum Integrum (RU) and of the Berlin Philharmonics (D) and the Residentie Orchestra in The Hague (NL), among others. Apart from his work as a performer, Boysen teaches at the Utrecht Conservatory. He is artistic director of the concert organisation Musica Antica da Camera in The Hague.
The concert is hosted by Suite 415 in association with The Dome Arts Retreat – based on a farm in the heart of the Vredefort Dome World Heritage site, about 130 km south west of Johannesburg. It offers a programme of master classes, concert projects, and courses centered around music with facilities for instruction, tuition and associated group activities.
Kunstgeiger und Bierfiedler will be performed on Tuesday, 22 October at the Lutheran Church in Renshaw Road, off Franks Road, at 19h00. Tickets are R100 and available at the door.
For more info, contact Maggie Deppe 082 886 2470 / email or Richard Salmon 083 777 6030 /
Concert Organiser: Gerhard Benade (Dome Arts Retreat) 083 280 9784;