Freedom Day, we remember the first South African democratic elections held exactly 25 years ago, in 1994. Pictured with Bafana Mkhize’s iconic wooden sculpture, entitled Voting honouring the 1994 election, is Nipho Hurd, part of the Zakifo Music Festival organising team. The artwork is part of the Durban Art Gallery permanent collection, and Nipho is photographed in-front of Motseokae Klas Thibeletsa’s oil painting, Life Story, part of the Tswela Pele exhibition of the Art Bank Collection.
Nipho was at the first election 25 years ago…. in her late Mother’s tummy! She was born a few weeks after the election. She applauds her generation’s privilege of being able to vote. She is currently working on the fifth annual Zakifo Music Festival held over two consecutive weekends from 24 May until 1 June with a series of intimate pop-up bespoke concerts in venues around Durban.