Durban Youth Radio: Youth Week feature
DYR talks to…..
Thobani Zwane (30)
Director, Script Writer, teacher, Y-Art at the YMCA
1. What is the greatest thing about being a young person in SA today?
South Africa is full of great opportunities for the youth to choose their career, to be what they want to be!
2. What is the single biggest challenge of being a young person in SA today?
Not getting enough funds for turning dreams into a reality; and being less informed. Or not getting support from their community or family.
3. What one thing can young people do to make the world a better place?
By working together, uplifting each other and uniting as one. And of course, helping one another by letting everyone in the community have equal opportunities.
4. What one really useful thing can young people learn from their elders?
Wisdom! Knowing your identity. To know what is right or wrong and learning not be afraid to stand up for both. And listen to their teachings about what you need to achieve in this life, what is the important stuff.
5. If you could be mayor of Durban what one thing would you do to help the youth?
Create a platform where young people can share their ideas and a safe space where they could work on them. And of course, find ways to fund the creatives of our city!