Art, Recycling And Community Collide

By | 10th November, 2017|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 111 November 2017 Halloween as an excuse to dress up and have a party, is a fairly new thing to South Africa. Already it has captured the imagination of costume hires, [...]

Make Way for the Young

By | 2nd September, 2017|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 110 August 2017 The creative industries provide platforms for sharing, engaging and grappling with issues whether social, personal or political. The stories shed light on what takes place in our hearts [...]

Saluting the passionate

By | 11th August, 2017|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 109 August 2017 Working mostly with professional creatives (men and women who create work for a living) it is always affirming to be among people for whom the thrill and passion [...]

In search of special places

By | 27th May, 2017|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 106 May 2017 I suppose everyone has a special place: a place where you feel safe, happy, welcome and calm. A place where the very walls seems to enfold you, where [...]

Art Matters – International Jazz Day

By | 2nd May, 2017|

Illa Thompson Mercury Column 105 April 2017 It’s a red letter day this weekend for lovers of jazz - with hundreds of concerts, gigs, programmes and gatherings taking place simultaneously around the world bringing people [...]

Stop what you’re doing; just for a while

By | 13th February, 2017|

 Illa Thompson Column 103 February 2017 So today I think about people, strangers mostly, who have had their lives profoundly touched by the work of my colleagues. There has been an abundance of some astonishing [...]

2017: And so it starts….

By | 9th January, 2017|

Illa Thompson Column 102 January 2017  So – it’s January. Intuitively I want to bang on about how New Years’ resolutions should include a commitment to engage with more original art this year: to catch [...]

2016: the year that was

By | 5th December, 2016|

2016: the year that was Illa Thompson Column 101 December 2016 2016 for me will be remembered for being a yo-yo year of polar opposites – moments of phenomenal joy side-by-side with moments of enormous [...]